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The Nature Foundation of Will County is funded through a variety of income streams. The Foundation accepts both restricted and unrestricted donations and generates revenue from native plant sales and Forest Preserve District merchandise sales. The Foundation seeks sponsorship opportunities from the local business community. Through these efforts, the foundation is able to fund a variety of initiatives to help preserve and protect the natural resources of Will County.

Funding allocations in 2024


Recreation funding for:

  • Lake Chaminwood improvements

  • Hammel Woods campground welcome station

  • Bicycle racks, benches and water fountains

  • Take It Outside campaign

  • Woods Walk

  • Fishing derbies

  • SERVE Will County


Art and interpretation funding for:

  • "Birds in Art" exhibit

  • Indige-Facts

  • "Raising Riverview" exhibit

  • Interpretive signs

  • Bird feeder enhancements at visitor centers


Nature education funding for:

  • STEAM/STEM programs

  • School bus scholarships

  • Animal ambassadors

  • Willy's Wilderness website

  • Eagle Watch

  • Pelican Watch

  • Mammal Madness

  • Migration Celebration


Land stewardship funding for:

  • Restore Will County

  • Volunteer habitat management workdays

  • Nelson funding/stewardship of Lily Cache and Lake Renwick

  • IDNR habitat grant match

2023 revenue

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